TCA Ugadi Celebrations 2018

Mar 21, Thursday

TCA Ugadi Celebrations 2018

TCA Ugadi Celebrations 2018
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Event Dates

Saturday, Mar 24, 2018

Event Time

2:00 PM

Event Location

Sri Meenakshi Temple
17130 McLean Rd,
Pearland, TX 77584

Contact Details

(832) 302-9304

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Organized by

TCA Houston

About this Event

Ugadi is the celebration of new beginnings. It’s a time of hope, of change and evolution toward something better and the most auspicious festival for all of us.

Houston has its own Celebrities: As has been done in the past, we will not be bringing in any celebrity from India for this occasion. We are confident that our children, youth and adult artists can provide us with wholesome, meaningful entertainment for this event.

Preference to group performances - We will be giving preference to group performances rather than solos, in order to encourage more participation and give opportunity to more number of participants.

Dinner break: We observed in the past that dinner is served while the performances or chief guests honoring are going on. As a way of showing respect to the performers and other dignitaries on stage, we will be allotting 1 hour break for dinner. We will not schedule any group performances during this time but welcome solo performers to entertain the audience during this time if they would like to.

Reduced Time to Speeches: Overall time spent on guest speeches or speeches by committee and also on felicitations will be limited to 30 mins. We will make sure that the programs we present are enthralling and entertaining to all the age groups.

Discounted ticket prices: Because we are not bringing Artist(s) from India, we would like to share the savings with our community. We are offering discounted (25%) tickets prices online. We request the community to buy tickets online and utilize this opportunity. This will also help reduce long queues at the counter on the day of Ugadi and make overall experience pleasant for everybody.

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