Indians in U.S. are Set for Trump's Wall to Protect their ChildrenHot Buzz

June 09, 2018 08:39
Indians in U.S. are Set for Trump's Wall to Protect their Children

(Image source from: Republican Hindu Coalition)

The Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC), an organization led by Chicago-based entrepreneur Salabh Kumar and a close associate to United States President Donald Trump, is holding a rally on June 13 to make the White House aware of their billion-dollar offer and as well to guarantee that America gets to know about the Deferred Action for Legal Childhood Arrivals (DALCA).

The friendship is such that some from the community are offering to raise $25 billion dollars to help build Trump’s wall.

The differentiation from just plain DACA is that the sought-after pathway to citizenship lone applies to children who were brought here illicitly.

Senator Paul Rand, Congressman Pete Sessions and umpteen else senators and Congressmen are anticipated to address the rally.

The RHC says that the children who have come here legally, with their parents, also deserve the same protection. The legal kids or the DALCA kids usually age out by the time they turn 21. It is hoping that the issue of DALCA will be brought about in the solution to the DACA issue.

Trump has regulated for DACA to be scrapped merely decisions in court have stayed the same. June 25th is the self-inflicted deadline by the House GOP to secure legal status for the Dreamers by at least a few more years.

Speaking to media, chair of RHC Vikram Aditya Kumar, said DALCA refers to the kids of H1-B holders who are approved for their green cards but due to the 60-year backlog, the children age out and are forced to leave their family. The estimated number of DALCA kids is 200,000.

"Most cases the entire family leaves the USA. There are many others who are moving to Canada. This is where there is a major brain drainage," Vikram said.

RHC was launched by his father, Indian-American businessman Shalabh Kumar in 2015. The Kumar family has backed the Trump campaign throughout and their combat for legal children of H1-B holders is something that Trump agrees with.

"Trump agrees that the 60+ years is an outrageous wait time. He even told my family at Mar-a-Lago that five years that we are proposing is also too long," Vikram said.

The RHC, for long, has been proposing to reduce the backlog to five years by removing the 7% country quota. What RHC is proposing, Vikram added, is that the US follow a merit-based system like Canada does.

There are about 3.5 million Indians in the US, making them among the fastest growing immigrants in the country. While the Indian government under Narendra Modi has continuously batted for H1-B visas, Vikram said that Modi needed to do more.

"There are 200,000 Indian children kept in limbo on their status. A typical child, who is a US citizen, is excited about turning 21, children of Indian immigrants fear this because they don't want to be illegal and be sent home. The government needs to step up and do more," he added.

By Sowmya Sangam

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