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February 09, 2015 13:37

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Men don't want to hear about anything financial when they want to get busy. Talking about your finances is a sure way to get a guy out of the mood.

The news can make little down after watching crime, economic and political problems, and natural disasters can add stress to your life. So don’t watch the news before you’re about to fool around.

Any charts apart from sex please keep aside, Right before sex, during sex, or after sex isn’t one of them! Save those chats for a more appropriate time.

Choose to have the relationship conversations at a more suitable time when you’re not in the mood.

Noticing how dirty his comforter is, the empty tissue box he has on his night table, or how his floor needs to be vacuumed is a sure way to kill the moment. Save the distractions for another day.

If men’s are having any financial or life problems, their sex drive suffers. Feeling like they aren’t running the show makes them feel like less of a man.

Talking about having a baby at that time which they don’t want to talk about when they’re about to have sex. When you talk about babies, nothing sexy is going to happen.

Men don’t like a women crying, it does not matter about what you are crying for, the minute those tears start to flow, the excitement is lost. Save your tears for a sex-free moment.

-Arun Kumar

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