Harvey Breaks Rainfall Records, Houston Imposes CurfewTop Stories

August 30, 2017 08:38
Harvey Breaks Rainfall Records, Houston Imposes Curfew

City officials has imposed an overnight curfew to avoid any opportunistic crimes as the tropical storm Harvey has still not settled. This storm is breaking the record for the most extreme rainfall in the US.

The authorities announced the curfew from midnight to 5 a.m. the police arrested a crew of people hijacking vehicles, and officials warned residents that there is fear of looting as thousands of houses lay abandoned and submerged.

Since this Hurricane, some areas of Houston has seen in excess of 50 inches of rain, authorities said that death toll has climbed to 18, including a police officer who drowned in his car on his way to work.

On Tuesday, the Mont Belvieu industrial suburb east of Houston has recorded 51.12 inches of water breaking the highest previous record of 48 inches for a single storm.

“It’s the heaviest storm on record anywhere in the U.S outside Hawaii”, said john Nielsen-gammon, Texas state climatologist and a professor at Texas A&M University.

A meteorologist Jeff Linder said, In four days, we had three gallons of water in Harris country enough to run Niagara falls for 15 days.

Early Tuesday, a major dam outside Houston began to overflow, threatening some of the hardest hit neighborhoods to the west of city. Engineers tried to prevent Addkins reservoir from over spilling by releasing some of its water on Monday, but the flood control officials reported on Tuesday morning that the water beginning to seep over the top of a spillway, this is the first time water had breached the dam.

In some areas of Houston water was so deep than rain sensors are no longer working. The Harris country flood control district, a government agency that works to reduce the effects of flooding, announced that multiple water levels and rain sensors are out of order due to floods.

Maj.Gen.James C.Witham, director of domestic operations for the national guard, told that 30,000 Guardsman as well as U.S naval amphibious assault ship could be called upon to help out rescue efforts in Texas. Already 30 national guard helicopters are supporting hurricane Harvey relief, 24 more are requested.

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