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January 06, 2020 05:30
Australia Fires: Warnings of Huge Blazes Ahead Despite Raining

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Australia has experienced bushfires and has been engulfed with smoke. The bushfires nearly burnt 5 million hectares of land and a few human casualties. Australia was the driest and the hottest during this year and the temperature has almost reached 50 degrees Celsius last month.According to the ecologists from the University of Sydney, the bushfires have killed around 480 million birds, animals and reptiles.

The wildfires which Australia has been experiencing are a result of man-induced global warming.

However, it has been raining in Australia after the severe damage that has been caused by the fires. Rain has fallen in parts of New South Wales and Victoria and there has been showers in Eden, in NSW and Kangaroo Island in South Australia on Sunday.

Firefighters and residents gave a sigh of relief as few of the residents could return to their homes. The forecast by the officials warned the rise in temperature by Thursday and have also said that huge fires in Victoria and New South wales could meet in order to create a larger “mega blaze”.

The efforts are being continuously put by the authorities in order to provide supplies for thousands of people who were driven from their homes due to the fires.

The donations can be done to help and support the affected families, wildlife, firefighters through the following links:

NSW Rural Fire Service

NSW Rural Fire Service 2


Go Fund Me

Salvation Army

Red cross

Food Bank

By Shrithika Kushangi

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