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September 07, 2019 06:04
World Beard Day: 6 Benefits of Having a Beard

World Beard Day is celebrated every year on the first Saturday of September and this year it is observed on September 7. A beard not only looks elegant but also holds multiple assets. Since 2011, beards have risen in popularity by 42 percent.

On World Beard Day, events are held for bearded people in a lot of places where they can appreciate the advantage of having a beard and others convey support and cherish men with fab facial hair.

History of World Beard Day

Since ages, the beard is considered as a sign of masculine beauty. Having a well-grown beard has been related to social status and in few communities, it is considered as religious belief.

Surprisingly, in the South of Spain, a boxing match is held between men with and without a beard. While in Sweden, not having a beard on the World Beard Day can get men out of of the town.

Significance of World Beard Day

The chief aim of observing World Beard Day is to spread awareness of prostate cancer, which occurs in a man’s prostate. According to a study, prostate cancer kills about 30,000 a year.

On this day, the bearded men can also avail discounts and offers from various stores.

Benefits of Growing Beard

1. Protects Skin

It is consistently said that men pay little or heed to their skin. And, next time if any person asks you to keep an eye on your skin, without hanging back say - my beard is doing that work! Beard acts as a protector to your skin on the face and it doesn’t allow dust to settle on your skin which may otherwise lead to skin infections. Consequently, your skin will always remain well-maintained.

2. Prevents Tanning

In Summer, your skin tends to get darker than usual. If you are basking under the sun on beaches, fishing, or just having a good time with friends in warm and sunny weather leads to skin tanning. However, beard comes as a savior and save you from wrath. Your beard will act as a barrier to ultraviolet rays reaching your skin. Therefore, grow a beard and get tanned never!

3. Reduces Asthma

Fully-grown beard covers your neck and chin that further helps in keeping your skin healthy. It has a tendency to trap asthma pollen grains. Remember to wash and comb your beard every alternate day to keep the grim away.

4. Avoids Acne

Since your facial hair acts as a shield to your skin, the skin glitches like blemishes, cuts and nicks, in-grown hair will be at bay if you have a beard. It can further protect your skin from infections.

5. Hydrates Skin

Beard will keep your natural oils intact. Beard acts as a natural moisturizer for your skin protecting your skin from infections.

6. Boosts Confidence

And, this comes as an added benefit of having a beard. In case, you are feeling low about yourself, beard comes as an asset at that point. It surely boosts your confidence and it makes men look mature. But blowsy beard doesn’t come as an aid. You need to keep it trimmed and neat.

By Sowmya Sangam

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